Danish Physiotherapy Conference - Cancer

The conference is a two-day event leading up to the 2018 Danish Physiotherapy Congress. The first day is all in English – therefore we invite Englishspeaking physiotherapists from UK and Holland to register for the first day only.
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 About the conference


TIME April 10, 2018
PLACE Odense Congress Center, Odense, Denmark
ORGANIZER The Association of Danish Physiotherapists
STATUS Closed for registration


The conference puts the spotlight on the newest knowledge in cancer research, exercise, and coping strategies. The conference will provide many examples of how the most current research affects clinical practice and implementation. The functional level must be tested and assessed during training.

Psychosocial coping strategies are important to the patients, and physiotherapists must be able to deal with very ill patients. The conference will also deal with pre-rehabilitation, diagnosis-focused training, late-state complications in chronic cancer patients and palliative care.

The conference will on the first day have lectures, group discussions, case studies, and discussions.


  • Cancer research – what DID we know, and what DO we know?
  • How tissue reacts to cancer treatment and lymphoedema
  • Radiation therapy and exercise
  • What does research show about specific training in all patients – both palliative and curative?
  • Functional tests for patients, during diagnostic stage, at the start of treatment and during treatment
  • Training and outcome (strength and physical capacity) as part of functionality
  • Diagnosis-focused or problem-based training
  • General training for different groups of diagnoses, and how to implement it in practice
  • Late-state complications in chronic cancer patients
  • Psychosocial coping
  • Dealing with extremely ill patients

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Target audience

All physiotherapists who work within the field of cancer treatment

Arranged by

The conference is a joint event, organised by the Danish Society for Oncological and Palliative Physiotherapy, and the Danish Society for Physiotherapeutic Lymphoedema Treatment.


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