Nordic Conference: Vestibular Rehabilitation

The aim of this conference is to teach participants how to test a patient with vestibular dysfunction and plan a treatment program. All presentations at the conference are in English.

Practical information

About the conference


The conference addresses physiotherapists working with younger or older patients suffering from dizziness, as symptoms of that kind often may be ascribed to vestibular dysfunctions.

The Association of Danish Physiotherapists has invited three physiotherapists and researchers from the US who will pass on their knowledge and clinical experiences within vestibular rehabilitation in collaboration with three Danish specialized physiotherapists.

The format of the conference will be a combination of theoretical presentations and practical workshops. The focus will be on how common it is, new knowledge and differential diagnosis.

Two physiotherapists (one Danish, one American) will perform tests on a younger, as well as an older patient in front of the audience.

In addition, workshops will be arranged, where participants will have the opportunity to practice the more important test.

During parallel sessions, colleagues from the Nordic countries will present examples from their clinical practices, thus offering information and insights regarding the various ways to implement test and treatments.

Having participated actively in the conference, physiotherapists should be able to perform various test for dizziness and to plan a rehabilitation program for patients with vestibular dysfunction.

All presentations at the conference are in english.

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The target group

All physiotherapists working with patients with dizziness.


The conference is held in collaboration with

Norsk Fysioterapeutforbund, Norge
Høgskulen på Vestlandet, Bergen, Norge
Dansk Selskab for Fysioterapi i Gerontologi og Geriatri
VIA University College Århus


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