Early out of bed mobility

SYMPOSIUM // Discussion of evidence regarding early mobilisation in patients with different diagnoses and elaboration on dilemmas regarding these patients and how to establish evidence-based practice within the field of early mobility.

Since the late sixties, there has been an increased focus on the negative side effects of bed rest. Pioneer work from Denmark within fast-track surgery has inspired the clinical guidelines for mobilising patients, with the Danish Multidisciplinary Hip Fracture Database emphasizing mobilisation within 24 hours after surgery.

The Danish National Indicator Project has focused on early examination (and perhaps mobilisation) for patients with acute stroke, giving early mobilisation a prioritised focus among physical therapists. More effective treatment at the intensive care units and on critically ill patients is making room for physical therapists to intervene early and more research is now carried out within this field.

Focus will be on the following:

  • Evidence for or against early mobility
  • The rationale behind early mobility
  • Considerations on timing and dose in early mobility
  • Methodological issues in performing studies on early mobility
  • Recommendations for future research
  • Clinical applicability of early mobility
  • Patients with stroke, hip fracture, acute high-risk abdominal surgery and severe acquired brain injury

The speakers will represent three clusters. Each cluster will have 20-25 minutes for presentation. Afterwards, there will be room for questions and discussions.


  • Morten Tange Kristensen, PT, PhD, Amager-Hvidovre Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Line Rokkedal Jønsson, PT, Master in rehabilitation, Amager-Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark
  • Julie Bernhardt, PT, professor at The FLOREY Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Australia
  • Simon Svanborg Kjeldsen, PT, Research physical therapist, Regionshospitalet Hammel Neurocenter, Denmark


  • Morten Tange and Line Rokkedal: Patients following acute fast-track hip fracture and acute high-risk abdominal surgery. Their talk will focus on clinical experience and research.
  • Julie Bernhardt: As a main contributor of the “A Very Early Rehabilitation Trial” (AVERT) on stroke patients, the largest early mobility study conducted, Julie Bernhardt will present the results of this study as well as pre-specified post hoc analysis.
  • Simon Svanborg Kjeldsen: Since 2008 patients with severe acquired brain injury have had the opportunity to receive earlier rehabilitation efforts at the intensive care unit at Silkeborg Hospital, Denmark, before receiving further specialized rehabilitation at Hammel Neurocenter. Simon Svanborg Kjeldsen will elaborate on observational data and experiences in delivering an early mobility regime.

Language: English

Moderator: Christian Gunge Riberholt


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