Motivation and intensity of training - the neurological patient

SYMPOSIUM // Gain knowledge on how to motivate patients, promote motor learning and raise intensity of training.

Focus will be on:

  • Presentation on motor learning and recovery
  • Repetition and variation in training
  • Use of virtual reality and robotics in upper limb training
  • How to promote neural plasticity and learning
  • How to use implicit and explicit feedback
  • How to promote motivation

The three speakers will have a 15-20 minute presentation each. After this, there will be room for questions and discussions.


  • Mindy Levin, PT, Professor, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Iris Brunner, PT, associate professor, Hammel Neurorehabilitation Centre, Aarhus University
  • Lis Puggaard, cand.scient., lektor, PhD, Syddansk Universitet


  • Mindy Levin: How motor learning mechanisms can be addressed by creating enriched training environments using virtual reality (VR) based simulations. Motor control and motor learning principles related to the reacquisition of motor skills will be presented and discussed in relation to how they can be exploited by VR training environments.
  • Iris Brunner: VR training as a tool for upper limb rehabilitation after stroke. Examples of recent research will be presented. VR for upper limb neurorehabilitation will be critically appraised in terms of opportunities and limitations.
  • Lis Puggaard: Theories on ressource-oriented health pedagogy. Lis will focus on motivation, learning and compliance in neurorehabilitation and the most important contributions to mental and psychological health and the encouraging fact, that you can be sick and healthy at the same time. Based on Peter Thybo's most recent book Det Dobbelte KRAM from 2016.

Language: English

Moderator: Camilla Biering Lundquist

Hent præsentationen fra fagkongressen (Iris Brunner)

Hent præsentationen fra fagkongressen (Lis Puggaard)

Hent præsentationen fra fagkongressen (Mindy Levin)

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