Osteoporosis - the overlooked people's disease

SYMPOSIUM // Learn what to be aware of, and how to treat patients with osteoporosis with or without fractures. Discussion of evidence and best practice regarding patients with osteoporosis.

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Beskrivelse af symposiet

It is estimated that half a million Danes have osteoporosis, but only about 25% gets proper treatment. Patients with osteoporosis are in every practice, but do we know how to treat them - and how to find those patients, who should be examined.

Lots of patients with vertebral fractures are overlooked and mistreated for their back pain and patients with osteoporosis and fractures often have poor physical ability and a poor quality of life due to inactivity, social isolation and chronic pains.

Focus will be on:

  • Preventive training - latest evidence and which exercises are adequate, when the patient has osteoporosis.
  • Examination and treatment - latest knowledge and the latest recommendations within calcium and vitamin D.
  • Reduced health-related quality of life can be addressed through a variety of evidence-based interventions. These will be discussed for people presenting with acute vertebral fractures, and for those with more chronic back pain and longer-standing vertebral fractures.
  • Patient education - knowledge to ensure the patients can maintain activity of daily living and quality of life.

The lectures are followed by discussion with participants, based on specific questions related to the main topics of the symposium.


  • Magnus Bendtsen, candidate in sports, ”Knoglestærk” - a clinic in Copenhagen
  • Simon Esrup, candidate in sports, ”Knoglestærk” - a clinic in Copenhagen
  • Pernille Herman, Senior Surgeon, Odense University Hospital, Denmark
  • Dr. Emma Clark, Musculoskeletal Research Unit, University of Bristol, England
  • Lene Lebech, PT, Health Center Kolding, Denmark


  • Magnus Bendtsen and Simon Esrup make high-intensive weight-bearing training in their clinic in Copenhagen to help their patients prevent osteoporosis. They will present the latest evidence in both prevention and treatment of osteoporosis within exercises.
  • Pernille Hermann: How to diagnose the patients with the newest technology and how to give them the best possible treatment to prevent fractures.
  • Emma Clark: Osteoporotic vertebral fractures are common and they identify people at a high risk of future fracture and with a reduced quality of life. However, less than a third of patients are correctly identified due to a variety of reasons. Emma will cover, who should be suspected as having a vertebral fracture and when to refer for diagnostic spinal radiographs.
  • Lene Lebech: There is a socio-economic gain in making a health-promoting effort for patients with osteoporosis. Lene will present, that 12 hours of dialogue based interdisciplinary effort can help the patients to maintain an active life in spite of their risk of fractures.

Language: English

Moderator: Morten Eckerdal Rasmussen

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