The use of intervention studies in planning evidence-based interventions for the individual child - from research to clinical practice

SYMPOSIUM // The participant will get an insight into the challenge of using studies presenting group outcomes in planning interventions for individual children in clinical practice, illustrated using recently published studies in children with severe disabilities.

In pediatrics there is debate concerning the applicability of clinical studies for planning interventions for the individual child. The Danish National Clinical Guidelines for Physical and Occupational Therapy for children with cerebral palsy make only weak recommendations for and against interventions based on the results of traditional RCT studies.

Therefore, a different approach to reporting the results of studies is needed, if these are to be used in planning evidence-based efforts for the individual child. It is proposed, that researchers, in addition to the average progress at the group level, also carry out analyses of subgroups and report the results and characteristics of the individual participants or children included in the study.

The problem will be presented and illustrated using results from clinical trials investigating effects of interventions for children with disabilities and examples of subgroup analysis and participants with very little and very large effects of the interventions studied.

Presenters will discuss the impact of their results and the subgroup analysis in relation to evidence based decision-making in clinical practice.


  • Dr. Diane L. Damiano, PT, PhD, National Institute of Health, Maryland, USA
  • Derek Curtis, PT, PhD, adjunkt, Professionshøjskolen Metropol
  • Michelle Stahlhut, PT, PhD student, Kennedy Centret, Rigshospitalet


  • Diane L. Damiano: Meaningfulness of mean group results for determining the optimal motor rehabilitation program for an individual child with cerebral palsy. Introduction to the topic
  • Derek Curtis: The functional effect of segmental trunk and head control training in moderate-to-severe cerebral palsy: A randomized controlled trial
  • Michelle Stahlhut: Feasibility and effectiveness of an individualized 12-wk ‘up-time’ participation intervention (U-PART) in girls and women with Rett syndrome

Moderator: Helle Mätzke Rasmussen

Symposium organized by The Danish Association of Physical Therapy in Pediatrics

Hent præsentationen fra fagkongressen (Derek Curtis)

Hent præsentationen fra fagkongressen (Diana L. Damiano)

Hent præsentationen fra fagkongressen (Michelle Stahlhut)

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