Ultrasound imaging: Evidence and clinical practice

SYMPOSIUM // Learn about evidence for the use of ultrasound, ultrasound imaging in diagnostics, physiotherapy and a rheumatology setting, and indications and contraindications of ultrasound imaging.

Highlighted will be the clinical application of ultrasound imaging with presentations from national and international clinicians with substantial experience in ultrasound imaging. The indications for ultrasound imaging in diagnostics and treatment will be presented with an evidence-based approach. Furthermore there will be emphasis on clinical reasoning as an underlying base for the ultrasound examination and on the implications for the patient’s treatment course.

Musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging is becoming increasingly popular in the physiotherapy practice, both in the outpatient clinics with diagnostic functions and in physiotherapy practice in private as well as in municipal settings. Conducted by an adequate skilled professional, ultrasound imaging is quick, easy to use and has lower costs than other imaging modalities. It has great potential and looking at our neighbors in England, they have already succeeded in implementing ultrasound in the physiotherapy practice.

After each session there will be time for questions from the audience. Finally, we will debate how physiotherapists can use ultrasound imaging, how we facilitate implementation and how to ensure high quality in the physiotherapy practice.


  • Lorenzo Masci, Consultant in Sports and Exercise Medicine, Pure sports medicine and ISEH, London
  • Stuart Wildman, PT, MSK Sonographer, Homerton University Hospital, London
  • Karen Ellegaard, PT, PhD, The Parker Institute, Copenhagen University Hospital


Lorenzo Masci: The role of ultrasound imaging in musculoskeletal diagnostic and treatment.

  • Basic introduction to ultrasound imaging.
  • Introduction to existing research for ultrasound imaging.
  • Clinical usefulness and possible pitfalls in using ultrasound in tendinopathy.
  • Pros and cons compared to other imaging modalities.

Stuart Wildman: Clinical reasoning in the ultrasound imaging of the shoulder - Implications for the patient journey.

  • Introduction to what we can see in the shoulder
  • The painful shoulder and ultrasound findings
  • Asymptomatic findings on imaging
  • Indications and contraindications for ultrasound imaging of the shoulder

Karen Ellegaard: Ultrasound imaging for assessment of the inflammatory conditions in joints and tendons. Reliability and validity in a rheumatology setting.

  • Gray scale vs. doppler in the rheumatologic patient
  • Ultrasound as an examination feature to organize and monitor the physiotherapeutic intervention
  • Ultrasound as a tool to insure that an intervention does not increase inflammation and course tissue damage.

Organizer: Danish Association of Ultrasound Imaging in Physiotherapy

Moderators: Marianne Christensen and Helle Østergaard


Hent præsentationen fra fagkongressen (Karen Ellegaard)

Hent præsentationen fra fagkongressen (Lorenze Masci)

Hent præsentationen fra fagkongressen (Stuart Wildman)

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