Her finder du ph.d.-afhandlinger inden for fysioterapien. Det er muligt for både fysioterapeuter og andre, der har forsket inden for emner af interesse for fysioterapeuter, at publicere en ph.d.-afhandling her på


Signe de Place Knudsen: "Effects and processes of physical activity interventions during pregnancy - a PhD project based on the FitMum randomised controlled trial"

Behnam Liaghat: "Progressive high load strength training in patients with hypermobility spectrum disorders and shoulder complaints"


Anne-Sofie Agergaard: "Load magnitude in exercise-based treatment of Patellar tendinopathy. Effect on clinical outcome, tendon structure and function"

Camilla Biering Lundquist: "Prediction of upper limb function and daily use after stroke"

Christian Pilely Olsen: "Physiotherapy for minor musculoskeletal injuries in hospital emergency departments"

Linda Kahr Andersen: "Fatigue and physical activity in patients with myasthenia gravis"

Signe Hulsbæk: Cross-continuum rehabilitation following surgery for hip fracture - current knowledge and exploration of a new multimodal intervention.

Simon Svanborg Kjeldsen: "Evaluation and improvement of rest activity cycles and quality of rest in patients with severe acquired brain injury"


Anne Mette Scmidt: "Comparison of two multidisciplinary rehabilitation programmes in patients with chronic low back pain - A randomised controlled trial"

Christian Gunge Riberholt: "Early orthostatic exercise in patients with severe traumatic or acquired brain injury"

Charlotte Ibsen: "Biopsykosocial og patientcenteret tilgang til udredning af patienter med lænderygsmerter - Udvikling, implementering, afprøvning og evaluering af redskab til udredning af lænderygsmerter"

Julie Sandell Jacobsen: "Muscle-tendon pain and outcome of hip-preserving surgery in patients with hip dysplasia"

Helle Rønn Smidt: "Kropslige relationer i den fysioterapeutiske praksis i rehabiliteringen efter apopleksi. Betydningen for patienters identitetsarbejde"

Rasmus Tolstrup Larsen: "How to use physical activity monitoring to enhance physical activity levels among older adults"

Trine Holt Clemmensen: "The Dementia Carer assessment of support Needs Tool - Development of a questionnaire to assess the support needs of carers to people with dementia"


Bente Skovsby Toft: "Being a large body in activity: experiences of lifestyle change over an 18 month period"

Birgitte Hougs Kjær: Physiotherapy for patients with traumatic rotator cuff tear and associations within patient characteristics

Cecilie Bartholdy: "Fysisk inaktivitet og behandling af knæ artrose"

Hanne Birke: "Chronic non-cancer pain and opioid use: Population-based studies"

Morten Sebastian Høgh: "Provoking the plasticity of descending modulation in healthy humans: temporal and cognitive influences on conditioned pain modulation (cpm)"

Pernille Rudebeck Mogensen: "Metabolic changes in acute lymphoblastic leukemia"

Rikke Faebo Larsen: "Early initiated physical exercise in newly diagnosed patients with multiple myeloma" 

Rune Martens Andersen: "Abdominal exercises after stoma surgery: towards a rehabilitation effort with the intention of preventing parastomal bulges"


Anders Hansen: Interdisciplinary rehabilitation of patients with glioma during anti-cancer treatment 

Elisabeth Ann Bandak: "Tissue perfusion in knee osteoarthritis"

Helle Mätzke Rasmussen: "The use of instrumented gait analysis in interdisciplinary interventions for children with cerebral palsy"

Kira Bloomquist: "Heavy resistance exercise in breast cancer survivors at risk for lymphedema"

Lotte Skytte Krøll: "The effects of aerobic exercise and the impact of migraine and co-existing tension-type headache and neck pain"

Pernille Frederiksen: "Deciding to work in spite of back pain -what makes a difference?"

Signe Kierkegaard: "Patient-reported outcomes, hip muscle strength and physical activity in patients with femorocetabular impingement - before and after hip arthroscopic surgery"


Andreas Serner: "Diagnosis of acute groin injuries in athletes"

Henrik Eshøj: "Non-operative treatment, outcome measurements and characteristics of patients with traumatic anterior shoulder dislocation"


Allan Riis: "Implementation of low back pain guidelines in general practice"

Brian Clausen: "Neuromuscular exercise as treatment for knee osteoarthritis in middle aged patients"

Inge Ris: "Chronic neck pain patients: characteristics, clinical tests and active interventions"

Michael Smærup: "Effectiveness of computer-assisted training for older patients with vestibular dysfunction"

Tonny Jæger Pedersen: "Måling af funktion hos ældre med hoftenære frakturer i tværsektorielle forløb"


Barbara Brocki: "Physiotherapy interventions and outcomes following lung cancer surgery"

Birgit Skoffer: "Progressive resistance training before and after total knee arthroplasty"

Dorthe Varning Poulsen: "How war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder experience nature-based therapy in a forest therapy garden"

Lene Nyboe Jacobsen: "Metabolic syndrome and physical activity in patients with first-episode schizophrenia"

Mette Merete Pedersen: "Mobility in older acutely admitted and primary care patients – in-hospital physical activity and simple strength training"

Morten Quist: "EXHALE - Exercise as a strategy for rehabilitation in inoperable lung cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy"

Nanna Rolving: "Cognitive-behavioural therapy for lumbar spinal fusion patients - A clinical and economic evaluation"

Søren Thorgaard Skou: "Pain and sensitization in knee osteoarthritis and persistent post-operative pain"

Tina Junge: "Risk factors for knee injuries in children 8-15 years – the impact of Generalised Joint Hypermobility"

Ulla Due: "Lifestyle advice and pelvic floor muscle training for women with pelvic organ prolapse"


Andre Nyberg: "Single limb exercises in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease"

Birte Tornøe: "The child with tension-type headache. Physical factors and interactive interventions"

Eva Jespersen: "Musculoskeletal Extremity Injuries in School-aged Children with special focus on overuse injuries, seasonal variation and body composition"

Henrik Bjarke Vægter: "Temporal and Spatial Manifestations of Exercise-induced Hypoalgesia and Conditioned Pain Modulation"

Jeanette Præstegaard: "Physiotherapy in a Danish private context - a social and ethical practice"

Karen Prip: "Disability among tortured refugees in relation to pain and sensory function in their feet"

Lisbeth Runge Larsen: "Motorisk præstation som prædiktor for idrætsskader, samt motorisk præstation som prædiktor for fysisk aktivitetsniveau – undersøgt blandt børn og unge"

Lone Ramer Mikkelsen: "Early rehabilitation after fast-track total hip replacement"

Thomas Heilskov-Hansen: "Physical work exposure and sex differences in work-related musculoskeletal disorders"

Thovaldur Skuli Palsson: "Lumbopelvic pain - sensory and motor aspects"


Thomas Linding Jakobsen: "Progressive Strength Training Commenced Early After Fast-Track Total Knee Arthroplasty"

Anne Sophie Ågård (forskningssygeplejerske): "Langsigtet betydning af akut, kritisk sygdom og indlæggelse i intensivafdeling. Patienters og pårørendes perspektiv"

Anne-Merete Kissow: "Idræt, handicap og social deltagelse"

Bjarne Rittig-Rasmussen: "Experimental and clinical neck pain: Studies on training-induced neuroplasticity"

Camilla Marie Larsen: "Neuromuscular function in patients with Subacromial Impingement Syndrome and clinical assessment of scapular kinematics"

Heidi Klakk: "Body Composition and Cardiovascular Health in School-aged Children"

Jón Joensen: "Biophysical and biological effects from infrared Low-Level-Laser-Therapy"

Karin Biering: "Life after Heart Disease"

Lars Morsø: "Translation and validation of ‘the STarT Back Tool’ – a clinical screening tool for predicting outcome and guiding targeted treatment for patients with low back pain"

Margrethe Smidth: "The effect of an active implementation of a disease management programme for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease"

Sys Loving: "Female chronic pelvic pain in Denmark: Prevalence and associated socio-demographic and clinical related factors with a specific focus on pelvic floor muscle dysfunction"

Ulla Werlauff: "Methods to assess physical functioning, and their clinical applicability, in patients with spinal muscular atrophy and congenital myopathy"


Bibi V. Gram: "Exercise training among construction workers at the work site -  A randomized controlled intervention study"

Carsten Bogh Juhl: "Effekten af fysisk træning målt på smerte, fysisk funktion og livskvalitet hos patienter med knæartrose: En meta-regressionsanalyse"

Jonathan David Comins: "Measuring Symptoms, Function, and Psychosocial Consequences in Patients with Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture"

Stig Mølsted: "Strength training in patients undergoing dialysis"


Anne Faber Hansen: "Physical Capacity. The interplay between job type, physical capacities and future health, sickness absence, and job status among Danish employees"

Flemming Jakobsen: "Learning with, from and about each other: Outcomes from an interprofessional training unit"

Hanne Pallesen: "Fem år efter apopleksi – fra sygdom til handicap"

Jonas Bloch Thorlund: "Neuromuscular Function in Meniscectomized Patients at High Risk of Knee Osteoarthritis"

Kristian Thorborg: "Clinical Outcome Measures for Physically Active Individuals with Hip and Groin Pain"

Thomas Maribo: "Postural balance in low back pain patients assessed by the one leg stand test and by centre of pressure excursions on a portable force platform"


Annette Ingeman: "Medical Complications in patients with stroke: Data validity, processes of care, and clinical outcome"

Jakob Lorentzen: "Quantitative evaluation of spasticity"

John Brincks: "3D gait analysis of lower extremity muscle group power in healthy subjects and subacute stroke patients, and task-specific gait interventions in early stroke rehabilitation"

Morten Tange Kristensen: "Hip fractures, Functional assessments and factors influencing in-hospital outcome, a physiotherapeutic perspective"


Anne-Mette Momsen: "Therapies for improving walking distance in intermittent claudication"

Karen Ellegaard: "Accuracy of ultrasound Doppler measurements in assessment of disease activity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis"

Mette Andresen: "The effect of individually tailored programmes on perceived autonomy in physically disabled older nursing home residents"


Jes Bak Sørensen: "The effect of intervention with ’Exercise on Perscription´ on physical activity, fitness and healt in sedentary patients with life style diseases"

Kristian Larsen: Efficacy, effectiveness, and efficiency of accelerated perioperative care and rehabilitation intervention after hip and knee arthroplasty"

Mette Krintel Petersen: "Rehabilitation outcome after total hip replacement; prospective randomized studies evaluating two different postoperative regimes and two different types of implants"


Christoffer Brekling Brushøj (læge): "Prevention and development of screening methods for common overuse injuries to knee and shin"

Inger Mechlenburg: "Evaluation of Bernese Periacetabular Osteotomy"

Lars Uhrenholt (kiropraktor): "Morphology and Pathoanatomy of the Cervical Spine"

Marius Henriksen: "The significance of pain in knee joint during walking"

Mette Aadahl: "Self-reported physical activity and cardiovascular biomarkers in an adult population"

Sigrid Tibæk: "Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Stroke Patients"

Susan Warming: "Musculoskeletal aspects in patient handling"

Uffe Læssøe: "Assessment of Postural Control in Relation to Balance and Falls"


Mari Lundberg: "Kinesiophobia. Various aspects of moving with musculoskeletal pain"


Alice Kongsted (kiropraktor): "Whiplash - effekten af tidlig intervention"


Ann-Dorthe Olsen Zwisler (læge): "Cardiac rehabilitation – implementation in Denmark and presentation of a local model"

Mogens Theisen Pedersen: "Exercise and work-related musculoskeletal disorders in neck, shoulders and low back pain"

Per Kjær: "Lænderygsmerter og forandringer i lændecolumna påvist ved MR-scanning"


Hanne Albert: Ikke-kirurgisk behandling af patienter med radiculære smerter til UE. En klinisk kontrolleret undersøgelse

Nina Beyer: "Physical training reduces risk factors for disability and falls in elderly women"

Nina Schriver: "Fysioterapi og læring – betydning af rettethed, relationer, rum og refleksion”

Tom Petersen: "Non-specific Low Back Pain, classification and treatment"


Birgit Steffensen: "Functional Ability in Non-ambulatory People with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy or Spinal Muscular Atrophy assessed with the EK Scale"


Henning Langberg: "The human Achilles tendon - Circulatory and metabolic changes with excercise"

Susanne Rosberg: "Kropp, varende och mening i ett sjukgymnastisk perspektiv"

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